About Us


Founded in the DRC in 2016, BearCannon initially focused on serving the dynamic mining sector, leveraging our expertise to address its unique challenges. However, we quickly recognized the necessity and potential for sustainable and strategic advisory services across a broader spectrum of industries. Today, we extend our specialized focus on ESG principles, public relations, and strategic advisory services to a diversified client base within energy, infrastructure, finance, and more, both locally and internationally.

Our commitment to helping companies navigate the complexities of African market challenges and strategically integrate into the global economy has remained constant. By delivering innovative solutions that drive sustainable growth and profitability, we help shape the future of African businesses in the global arena.


To be a leading force in shaping the integration of African businesses into the global marketplace through innovative and sustainable strategies that respect and uplift local stakeholders.


Our mission at Bear Cannon is to provide unparalleled strategic advisory services, firmly anchored in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. We strive to empower businesses in Africa to overcome market challenges, flourish sustainably, and successfully adapt to the complexities of globalization.

Meet Molly & Avalon.

Molly James Concannon has a BSBA in International Business & Marketing from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. She began her career in Southern Africa focused on research, sales, promotion & investments into the mining sector, eventually managing 8 counties in Central and Southern Africa. Molly has been living in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2016 where she founded a marketing consulting firm, Bear Cannon, dedicated to the mining and supporting industries. The scope of services includes Business Development, Brand Management & Marketing Communications, Corporate Relations & Events. Molly’s passion for African Business Development is clear as she has made a life here in Kolwezi, focusing on the responsible sourcing of copper & cobalt. Molly is a golfer, a scuba diver and a mother to one very spoiled Rottweiler, Roman.
Avalon Rose Gullan, equipped with a background in Strategic Brand Management and an MBA from the Global Business School of Barcelona, brings a wealth of knowledge to Bear Cannon. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa and currently living in Cape Town, her heart beats for the African landscape. She is focused on growing brands responsibly and successfully, carving out unique, sustainable pathways for businesses in Africa. Outside work, she cherishes her time with the ocean, culinary explorations, and her two beloved cats, Maui and Maze. Avalon's approach intertwines sustainability, strategy, and heartfelt dedication to African business development.